Markets - Southeast Asia and China

Markets – Southeast Asia and China

In this region, Electrolux sales focus on appliances and vacuum cleaners in the premium segment under the Electrolux brand.

China is the largest market for household appliances in the world, measured by volume. Demand for appliances and vacuum cleaners has been driven by high growth in the country combined with fast-paced urbanization, with a rapidly emerging middle class demanding premium products. Households are often small with limited space to accommodate appliances.

Small living spaces are also a factor in Southeast Asia, a region undergoing rapid urbanization and population growth. Many households are not equipped with a conventional cooker, but use other alternatives to cook food, such as rice cookers and gas burners.

Domestic appliance manufacturers Haier Group and Midea dominate in China, particularly in the lower-price segments. Foreign manufacturers hold a small market share, although they continue to experience fast growth in the premium segment. There is no clear market leader in the Southeast Asian countries, but similarly to China, many consumers choose European brands in the upper-price segments.

Electrolux is a reputable brand in Southeast Asia and commands a strong position in the upper-price segments. The Group is a market leader in front-load washing machines and is rapidly expanding its offering in kitchen products.
In China, Electrolux is focusing on the rapidly growing middle class in major cities. Products are sold through the largest retailers.

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Western Europe is the Group’s largest market for consumer durables and professional products.

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Electrolux is focusing on launching products adapted to the differing conditions of households in the region.

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The acquisition of the Egyptian Olympic Group in 2011 has given Electrolux a leading position in the appliance markets of North Africa and the Middle East.

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Brazil represents around 50% of the total Latin American market for appliances. Other major markets include Mexico and Argentina. Latin America is a highly urbanized region for an emerging market.

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