Markets – Australia, New Zealand and Japan

Electrolux is focusing on launching products adapted to the differing conditions of households in the region.

The majority of Australians live on the east coast and both the population and the number of households are on the rise. The degree of penetration is high in most product categories and demand is primarily driven by interest in design, innovation and the environment.

Japan is the world’s third largest single market for household appliances. Growth is driven by factors including innovations developed for small living spaces. Large, domestic manufacturers such as Hitachi and Panasonic dominate the Japanese appliances market.

In Australia, competition between manufacturers of appliances from Asia and Europe is intense. Electrolux remains the largest company, followed by Fischer & Paykel/Haier and South Korean companies LG Electronics and Samsung. The retailer market is dominated by five major chains representing 90% of the market.

In Australia, the Electrolux brand holds a strong position in the premium price segment for appliances with a focus on innovation, water and energy efficiency as well as design. In addition, the Group’s Westinghouse and Simpson brands hold significant market share in the mass-market segment. The Kelvinator brand holds a strong position in air-conditioners and water heaters, which is a new, rapidly growing product category in the Group.

In New Zealand, Electrolux has captured market share in vacuum cleaners in recent years, for example, with its green range.

In Japan and South Korea, Electrolux is a relatively small player, but over the past number of years, it has started to establish a rapidly growing business in premium vacuum cleaners.