Linux community touched by the touchscreen on Electrolux fridge

The Electrolux Infinity I-Kitchen refrigerator, launched in Brazil has a touch screen on the top door, which is getting attention from computer devotees all around the world, and the story is spreading in the blog community at the moment.

The main fascination among computer devotees is around the fact that the touchscreen interface is equipped with GNU/Linux operating system, being used in the Infinity I-Kitchen fridge.

Engadget, Gizmag, Slashdot, and ProFUSION are only some examples of the sources writing about the fridge.

Already in 1999, Electrolux presented the Screenfridge, a refrigerator that helps the consumer with grocery shopping and dinner ideas, keeps track of what he or she has in the fridge, and functions as a message centre for the whole family. This was the start of a development towards smart appliances. In last years, Electrolux has presented several concepts integrating appliances with home entertainment and online tools – for example the Rendez-vous, the Volare and the Heart of the Home. Earlier this autumn, Electrolux presented the concept of a nutrient control app helping people to keep track of their nutritional intake and minimize food waste in the cyclic, connected home. And in several places around the world, Electrolux is involved in projects testing systems for smart grids and smart appliances, that is energy systems that can communicate with the appliances and automatically detect and avoid consumption during peak periods of the day. The smart appliances will also be able to facilitate customer care and upgradings of products.

The Infinity I-Kitchen fridge has not only been well received by the computer devotee community. This fully consumer insight-driven product also holds features popular among the many Brazilian households using it. Keeping the pace with technology trends for electronic devices, what really sets the fridge apart is the application with more than 600 sophisticated recipes published in cooperation with a famous Brazilian magazine. The menu is divided into seven different groups, ranging from entrées and main dishes up to light menus and cocktails, offering flexibility to plan meals.

Through the touchscreen panel, the consumer is also offered easy access to programs like Notes, Calendar and Telephone Information. The display is educational, and also works as a digital portrait with slide show. The product also includes an application that offers tips to facilitate the user’s life, promote well-being and contribute to the preservation of the environment.

The fridge also presents smart controls, unique features and compartment versatility. The Express Space can be used in the Drink or Gourmet Express modes, cooling drinks and desserts quicker, while the icemaker continuously produces ice without the need for a hydraulic connection.

These are just some examples of applications included partly to simplify the use of the fridge, partly to facilitate the fact that kitchen is becoming the center of entertainment and social interaction in homes.

The new product was inspired by the Electrolux Infinity refrigerator, which received awards in three well known international design competitions: iF Design (Hannover), Good Design Award (Chicago) and Brazilian Home Museum (São Paulo).