International Day of the Girl – Even if I make mistakes I ask myself ‘what did I learn?’

This week, we recognize International Day of the Girl with a series of interviews that celebrate achievements of young women at Electrolux. Ownership Solutions Director Sherine Garrana shares how not being afraid to try new things has helped her on her very international career path.

You work as Ownership Solutions Director in Bangkok.  What does your role entail?

I am responsible for the post-purchase journey of our consumers within East Asian countries, ensuring the best consumer experience possible to drive loyalty to our company and brand. The role entails aftermarket sales of spare parts, services, and accessories, as well as managing contact centers and service operations in the way that differentiates us and delivers effortless experiences and excellent service.

What are you most proud of working for Electrolux?

In my experience, Electrolux is a company that focuses on not only the experience of its people but also their potential. I joined the company straight out of university and its leaders helped me grow and provided great learning and development opportunities that I was able to grab. In addition, in recent years Electrolux has launched several programs that promote gender diversity and equality which is inspiring and motivating to see and be part of.

Who do you look up to?

A mentor I had and still keep in touch with, both her leadership style and professional journey have inspired me to strive and get to where I am today. She always asked the right questions and never held back on sharing her learnings from her experience. That also motivated me to become a mentor to others myself.

What career tip would you give your younger self?

Be prepared that the work you will experience does not come with a guidebook – it cannot be studied at school. But learn as much as you can from school and university experiences and academics – ask questions, make and keep contacts, step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself and be challenged by others. The work environment will be different and will challenge you in exciting ways that are difficult to predict.

What advice would you give girls looking to take their first step on the career ladder?

Try! Only when you try will you know if it’s a career path you enjoy or not. So if you have a choice to wait until the perfect opportunity comes along or take one that is here now then go for it – you might enjoy it and be great at it. While on the other hand if an opportunity comes along that you know for sure is not for you especially if you have tried before, don’t be afraid to say no!

How do you work on building confidence in the workplace?

I believe there are different ways to build confidence. In my case it started with holding on to the smaller wins – such as tasks I would do and get good feedback on, and building on my strengths rather than only focusing on development areas. I also try and learn new things – even if I make mistakes I ask myself ‘what did I learn? I also ask A LOT of questions, and trust my managers. They push me in the right ways and by them building confidence in me I have also built confidence in myself.

Give us a glimpse into your world outside work

I am Egyptian/Austrian by birth, Swedish by citizenship and a resident in Thailand. With that diverse cultural background, I really appreciate diversity and enjoy travelling and exploring new cultures. My favorite part is always the people I meet on these journeys.