How Electrolux and its partners help on global food issues

Electrolux has announced actions to focus its social investments and community activities on food and related sustainability issues. The company is setting up the up Electrolux Food Foundation with an initial SEK 10 million investment, and entering the Feed the Planet partnership together with Worldchefs and AIESEC. The following are examples of projects associated with these initiatives.

Reducing food waste in Asia Pacific

Since 2015, Electrolux Asia Pacific has reached out to the public to reduce food waste and help people in need. The #happyplateSG community initiative was an awareness campaign through social media where Electrolux in Singapore donated one food bundle for every three photos of empty plates posted on Instagram – helping a total 1,000 families. By collaborating with Worldchefs and AIESEC as part of the new partnership, the leverage of the programs will be even greater and similar programs are being run or planned across Asia – Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Sustainability education for culinary professionals

Electrolux Food Foundation is through the Feed the Planet partnership supporting the delivery of a sustainability curriculum tailored for chef schools, developed by Worldchefs. The vision is to educate chefs on sustainable cooking, influencing their behaviour to minimize the negative impact on the environment. For instance, the program includes the issue of water and energy savings, selection of ingredients and materials, reuse/recycling and reduction of waste. Four pilots have been run in 2016, and over the coming years the program aims to successively increase the number of schools involved.

Citizen restaurant in Brazil
Citizen restaurant in Brazil

Citizen restaurant and school in Curitiba, Brazil

In late 2016, Electrolux in Brazil intends to open a kitchen school offering training and qualification to work in a professional kitchen, which – in partnership with Curitiba City Hall – serves affordable, nutritious and sustainably cooked food.

The project aims to widen the availability of affordable and healthy food in the community, and to give underprivileged people the means to provide for themselves and put better food on the table.

Electrolux Cares Week in North America

We Care
Electrolux Cares Week in North America

Electrolux Cares Week, a week of volunteering and giving back across all Electrolux locations in North America, takes place the week of September 12.

All manufacturing facilities and our other major sites will be holding food drives, volunteering in soup kitchens, and packing backpacks full of food for hungry children.

Worldchefs without Borders

Worldchefs without Borders is actively working to help people in need in emergency situations. Electrolux supports this work through the Feed the Planet partnership and can through Professional support with mobile equipment.