Hollywood stars love the Envirovac from Electrolux

The Electrolux Group’s Eureka® branded envirovac™ faced the Hollywood paparazzi in advance of this year’s Emmy Awards and came away a winner!

The full-size upright vacuum, invented to help consumers decrease their impact on the earth, was in strong demand at the 2008 Emmy Gift Suite, a pre-Emmy promotional fair pairing companies and television stars.

The eco-friendly vac was front and center with celebrity-focused media and more than 80 television stars!

“Hollywood stars have been at the forefront of the ‘green’ movement and constantly influence trends for consumers,” says Jackie Cooper, Director of Marketing and Communications for Electrolux Home Care Products. “This opportunity was great for envirovac because of its ‘green’ appeal. The photos of celebrities with envirovac will give us more exposure for this unique product.”

The website created to promote the envirovac – vacuumgreen.com – now features several photos of celebrities with the vacuum cleaner, and targeted outreach to celebrity media will further make use of the promotional opportunity.

The most shocking lesson learned in Hollywood? Many celebrities do their own vacuuming! Here are some juicy vacuuming tidbits:

  • Julie Benz – The “Dexter” star boasted that she knew all the attachments and remarked that she loved the color of the envirovac. “It’s Tiffany-box blue!” she exclaimed.
  • Cloris Leachman – This legendary television actress and current “Dancing with the Stars” contender doesn’t do her own vacuuming, but the 82-year-old actress promised to give her envirovac to her housekeeper.
  • Chris Harrison, host of ABC’s “The Bachelor,” complained that his current vacuum – a competitor – was not performing, so he was delighted to receive an envirovac,
  • Joey Lawrence – Child star Joey Lawrence is admittedly “neurotic” about vacuuming. Pointing to his little girl, he said, “With her running around, I don’t want her eating Cheerios off the floor.”
  • Madeline Zima – Currently starring in “Californication,” the young actress who came of age as Grace Sheffield on “The Nanny,” already had an envirovac! She had just bought one at a local Walmart store only days before the event.
  • Neil Patrick Harris, the current star of “How I Met Your Mother” and well-known television and film actor, has hardwood floors, but he was sold when he saw the bare floor option and the crevice tools of the envirovac.
  • Shar Jackson, the television star best known for having an ex in common with Britney Spears, said, “Of course I do my own vacuuming! I have three kids!”
  • Verne Troyer – While “Mini Me” doesn’t do his own vacuuming, he loved the energy-saving aspect of the envirovac and even gave the product a big hug for the camera!

The celebrities will hopefully enjoy the envirovac’s many eco-friendlier features: a smaller motor that reduces energy consumption, a reusable and washable hypoallergenic filter to lessen waste, and 100 percent recycled packaging.

More information Jacqueline Cooper (jacqueline.cooper@electrolux.com)