Using the GreenZone+ crisper drawer is one of many ways you can preserve food for longer.

Fridge full of leftovers? Here’s how to keep them fresh

If you stocked up your fridge for the holiday season, it’s likely you have leftovers. Here are some tips to keep food fresh for longer – and how our technology can help.  

1. Check that your fridge is set at 4°C and your freezer at -18°C, to make food last the longest.  

2. Check your refrigerator isn’t too full. A jam-packed fridge disrupts the airflow and reduces the efficiency of cooling. Our Electrolux and AEG fridges with MultiFlow help to preserve foods for longer by ensuring an efficient air flow and keeping humidity and temperature even and stable. Frigidaire models feature the EvenTemp cooling system, a variable speed compressor that responds quickly to temperature changes to circulate cool air when needed.  

3. Not everything needs to be in the fridge. Eggs, potatoes, carrots, onions and beets are better stored in a cool, dark place. If you live in a cold climate, store some foods outside – taking care that they don’t freeze. 

4. Be sure to keep greens in the crisper drawer. In our GreenZone+ crisper, available in select Electrolux and AEG brand refrigerators, preserve up to 95% of vitamins in your fruit and vegetables with automatic humidity control. Select Frigidaire models feature CrispSeal Plus crispers that remove excess humidity and filter out the ethylene gas emitted by many fruits and vegetables that causes spoiling. 

5. In the Electrolux or AEG Multichill 0°C drawer, with the help of the app you can choose the right temperature to store leftovers for up to five days. And get creative. Make spaghetti carbonara with Christmas ham or put potatoes and kale on pizza. Turn your brussels sprouts into a salad or use your mashed potatoes atop a shepherd's pie. 

6. Almost all foods can be frozen — even potato chips, cookies, nuts and chocolate – if you really have any of those goodies left over?