Four Plus X awards to Electrolux including Best Product of the Year

International prize-awarding body Plus X gives category wins for UltraFlex vacuum cleaner and two small kitchen appliance ranges – with Masterpiece Collection® named Best Product of the Year.

Now in its 12th year, the Plus X Award distinguishes products that are innovative, future-viable and that possess at least one ‘plus X’ factor that offers the consumer added value.

“Winning awards for three different products is fantastic,” says Pernilla Johansson, head of design, Electrolux Small Appliances. “And to see the Masterpiece Collection® winning the Best Product of the Year is of course extra exciting.”

During 2015 the Masterpiece Collection has won all the most prestigious design awards: Red Dot, iF and Plus X.

The Plus X awards cover innovative technologies within sport and lifestyle products, with entries judged by an international jury of experts.

The Masterpiece Collection took the top product of the year spot after having being nominated for the largest number of individual categories within its product grouping. The award is granted to the product which demonstrates a unique selling proposition that is easily understood by the consumer.

The Plus X ethos states that an innovative mindset is the foundation of success when coupled with direct consumer benefits. The Plus X juries award products which simplify the life of the consumer, while being ecologically meaningful.

The Plus X Award winning products

The Expressionist Collection® is designed to meet the needs of design-conscious consumers with a form language that is sophisticated yet simple. Ergonomic thinking is reflected in the tilted angles which hint at the way the products should be used.

The Electrolux Masterpiece Collection® offers an uncompromised consumer experience. PowerTilt® technology improves blending performance and taste. The timeless, robust design is constructed with high-quality materials such as stainless steel and die-cast alloy.

UltraFlex™, with its twin-inlet channels, is designed to optimize airflow and suction for effective removal of dust and dirt. The design language reflects the user-generated key benefits: Powerful suction, ease of use and outstanding filtration.