For Ergorapido, the trend is drawn in black and white

Electrolux launches Special Editions of award-winning vacuum cleaner

Electrolux is launching high gloss black and high gloss white Special Editions of its Ergorapido 2in1, which recently won the 2008 Red Dot Design Award. This special edition of the cordless stick cleaner features a mirrored dust container and new metallic accents.

With more consumers storing their vacuum cleaners in plain sight for easy Grab&Go cleaning, today’s cleaners should be functional design objects. The company is launching the two Special Edition models of the Ergorapido 2in1 to continue to keep them in the design forefront as the trend towards black and white takes off in automotive concepts, kitchens and interiors, electronics, fashion, eyewear and cosmetics.

“Black and white stand out because of how they contrast with other colors,” notes Electrolux designer Kim Lim, who was inspired by seeing a design store in Paris whose interior was completely black and white. “They also contrast with each other in emotional impact.

“White says cool, fresh, pure, sporty, and confident, while black conveys glamour and elegance. Both come across as sleek, but in different ways.”

The high-gloss finish is also a key element. “The white color can look very plain, but the gloss finish makes it pop up to a premium level.”

Lim says that one of the most difficult parts of the design was to get just the right finish on the dust container to mirror the room when the appliance is standing in the holder yet be transparent enough so that the consumer can see when the container needs to be emptied.

Electrolux consumer insight revealed that, due to time pressure, there is a shift from weekly deep cleaning to more daily superficial cleaning. The cordless Ergorapido 2in1 can be used to quickly clean every spot on the floor, furniture, just when and where needed.

With its modern design, the Ergorapido 2in1 invites its owner to store it visibly in the kitchen, hallway or living room so it is always quickly at hand and within reach when needed.