Europe’s first intelligent house ready for family of four

(ELUX) In the community of Värmdö outside Stockholm, the first of a development of six houses based on the concept of Intelligent Living is now complete. Suitable for a family of four, the 200 sq.m. house that will admit its owners by fingerprint recognition is Europe’s first commercially-available intelligent home.

All intelligent features in the house are linked to each other via a built in network. The Electrolux Screenfridge, a refrigerator with a touch-sensitive computer screen fitted on the door, serves as the platform and communication center for the networked features and the family living there. The Screenfridge also helps the household with dinner ideas based on the contents of the refrigerator, stores shopping-lists and a family calendar. Additionally, it has a small video camera to record messages, and via broadband communication also always-on Internet, a web-based telephone, television and radio.

The kitchen appliances are networked. Information about a water leak from the dishwasher, a cooker that has been left on, or an open freezer door, is displayed on the Screenfridge and a touch-screen terminal by the entrance door and is also sent to a WAP phone. With the WAP phone, the homeowner can also download the shopping list stored in the Screenfridge, helping to make sure nothing is forgotten when at the supermarket.

Innovative energy efficiency features save the family money. When there is no one at home, heating and ventilation is reduced, and lighting is proximity-activated, switching itself off automatically when the family leaves the house.

Outside, the lawn is watered automatically and the self-propelled Husqvarna Auto Mower cuts the grass. Food deliveries can be left in a lockable delivery unit with refrigerated and freezer compartments to keep food fresh until the homeowner comes home.
Says, Michael Treschow, President and CEO of the Electrolux Group: “This house demonstrates what can be achieved when innovative technology is applied with common sense to meet and improve everyday life for ordinary families.”

1. Screenfridge includes:
– On-line Internet
– Tailor made local information from food store, library, school, traffic report, local news etc
– News
– Television
– Radio
– Web-based telephone
– E-mail
– Video camera for message recording
– Dinner suggestions based on the contents in the fridge
– Video recorded recipes
– Stores shopping list, accessible by WAP phone
– Family calendar
2. Unattended delivery storage that opens with keypad
3. Fingerprint recognition or keypad for entrance door
4. Automatic sun-blinds, controlled and activated by sunlight and wind speed
5. Proximity-activated lighting
6. Heating and ventilation is reduced when homeowners turn on the alarm to leave the house
7. Alarm on fridge, freezer and stove (“out of order”, “temperature too high”)
8. Alarm for water leaks sends message to a WAP phone
9. Alarm, calls the homeowner’s WAP phone when activated
10. Fire alarm, calls the homeowner’s WAP phone when activated
11. Central locking system
12. Goodnight switch (light switch by the bed that turns off all lights in the house)
13. Automatic watering of lawn

For further information contact:
Electrolux Press Hotline, +46 8 657 65 07