Ergorapido gets Good Design® Award 2007

The iconic Ergorapido 2-in-1 vac received Japan’s prestigious Good Design Award in the Product Design category for the innovative, cutting-edge design of Ergorapido, the vacuum cleaner that has redefined cleaning habits.

Electrolux Senior Industrial Designers behind the vac are Christian Ågren and Esbjörn Svantesson.

“It’s fantastic to receive this award,” says Ågren. “Ergorapido is truly a great global success story: it’s a product that people want to use and are proud to own.”

“Ergorapido is a fantastic example of what Electrolux can accomplish when design engineering, marketing and manufacturing work closely together,” he says.

Superior design and solves user problems
According to the jury, Ergorapido boasts superior design, has a formal expression that is new and exciting, utilizes a high-level of technical skills, conveys versatility and a high degree of functionality in an easily understandable way, and shows a high level of solving the problems facing the user.

Ergorapido, originally launched in 2004 in Europe, is now a global success for Electrolux. This battery-operated vac was created on the principle that people clean differently today than they’ve done in the past – in short increments every day rather than a clean sweep once a week. It can pick up crumbs, pet hair, dust, etc, quickly and efficiently. And because of its sleek design it can be stored in living areas, not in the broom closet.

Thomas Johansson, head of global design for Floor Care & Small Appliances says it’s great to know that the work Electrolux is doing is being recognized by professional organizations. Ergorapido has also previously received several awards including the Swedish ‘Design S’ Award in 2006 and the international Red Dot Award in 2005.

“Such an award acknowledges a true understanding of the Electrolux brand,” says Johansson. “Ergorapido is innovative, answers consumers’ needs, has enjoyed a successful global roll-out, and has high-market impact.”

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