Electrolux wins the Planeta Casa award in Brazil

The Turbo Acqua Jet Washer from Electrolux Brazil was awarded the Planeta Casa (Home Planet) award 2009 for its rinsing function, which provides water savings of up to 40% over other washing machines.

This is the only home appliance awarded this year. According to the jury, the Turbo Acqua Jet Washer contributes to the rational use of water.

The Eco Rinsing function of washing machine provides water savings of up to 40% during the rinse cycle over other washing machines.

The “Premio Planeta Casa,” or Home Planet Award, is an initiative of Cláudia Casa, a leading Brazilian magazine  specialized in architecture and interior design. Since 2002, Casa Claudia and the national sustainability movement Planeta Sustentável (Sustainable Planet) have been recognizing actions, products, architectural and interior design projects that promote good ecology and sustainability.  The initiative has the support from UNESCO (the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization).

To find out more about ways to save water in your home, visit www.electrolux.com/EcoSavings and www.electrolux.com/WaterSavings.

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