Electrolux wins four Red Dot Design Awards for outstanding product design

Electrolux has picked up four Red Dot Awards, the most sought-after seal of good design, for innovative laundry care products across Electrolux and AEG brands.

“Red Dot Awards mean a lot in the world of product design,” says Simon Bradford, Chief Design Officer at Electrolux. “Once again, Electrolux has been recognized for innovation and delivering a great consumer experience.”

The winners were chosen by an expert jury and the winning products will be presented at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany and online at www.red-dot.org.

The winners are: 

Microplastic Filter

Made with at least 50% recycled plastic the Microplastic Filter helps capture up to 90% of microplastic fibers, larger than 45 microns, released by synthetic clothing and textiles when washing, preventing release into laundry waste water. The cartridge can collect microplastic fibers from several washing cycles and a red dot indicates when it needs to be emptied. It enables consumers to make a meaningful difference to the environment.


The UniversalDose drawer makes washing at lower temperature and quick cycle more efficient by mixing the detergent and water before the mixture reaches the fabrics. This delivers clean clothes at a lower temperature, with significant savings in water and energy. Visually, the UniversalDose drawer’s colors and iconography help consumers wash more sustainably whether they use pods, liquid, or powder.  

The new AEG 2022 Range 

The AEG 2022 won two awards, one for the design and consistency of the full range and one for the design alignment of the washer-dryer pair. With this product series and consistent AEG branding, Electrolux used a color combination and a left–to-right user interaction that delivers a great consumer experience, plus connectivity, with tailored programs customizable remotely through the AEG app. The brand identity across the range is maintained with a combination of design solutions in the doors, the knob, and the control panel.