Electrolux transforms global IT management with Tivoli enterprise

PLANET TIVOLI, LISBON, PORTUGAL – 8th June 1999 – The Electrolux Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of household appliances, has signed a global, multi-million dollar contract with Tivoli Systems as part of a sweeping transformation of its IT processes across the 100 plus countries where Electrolux operates. A new company, Electrolux IT Solutions, is taking over all IT operations within the Group and will provide world-class services using IT operations management processes modeled on the customer-led business strategies of the Electrolux Group.

More than 1,000 people are currently working to redefine the term ‘Information Technology’ at Electrolux and Tivoli Enterprise will be a key enabling component of the business and technical strategy of Electrolux IT Solutions. Tivoli’s recently introduced Customer Service AssuranceTM initiative uses IT Process Automation to apply orderly business methods to stated business goals to influence and revolutionize the way IT organizations assure their customers receive the highest quality of service.

“The capability of Tivoli Enterprise to provide a global view of operations is central to our service-led business plan,” said Stephan Carlquist, President of Electrolux IT Solutions. “We need to rapidly achieve best-of-breed in service quality, in technical ability, in focus on customer needs, and in adding value to data processing power. Tivoli’s process-oriented, global approach to IT management is very closely aligned to our new business model, and it will play a fundamental role in allowing us to use industry best practices to deliver the quality of service which is the basis of our existence.”

“Electrolux IT Solutions is one of a new breed of innovative, service-focused IT providers that recognizes the importance of implementing IT processes that are aligned with business goals,” says Tivoli Systems Chairman and CEO, Jan Lindelow. “IT must deliver measurable business value that allows their customers to make visible improvements to their competitive performance. Tivoli will enable Electrolux to transform its IT management for business advantage, delivering the efficiency, service quality and lower cost of ownership that global markets demand.”

The transformation of IT within the Electrolux Group is a huge project that requires careful planning and implementation. Many of

the functions that Tivoli Enterprise provides — including inventory, software distribution, monitoring, help desk, security, and administration — will be key to its success. The management of the global IT asset base that is being transferred from Group companies to Electrolux IT Solutions will be achieved through dedicated IT management data centers located in Europe and North America. This will be followed by implementation at the Group’s other sites in Asia and Latin America. These centers will use the Tivoli Global Enterprise. Manager to provide a centralized, controlled view of all the company’s IT operations, with the sophisticated Tivoli Service Desk tightly integrated with the management function.

“Tivoli will be vital to our ability to offer an industry-leading quality of service based on Service Level Agreements,” says Stephan Carlquist. “By operating efficiently and focussing on the Group’s specific IT requirements we intend to make a significant impact on the way that IT is used at Electrolux changing it from simply being a necessary function to a value and profit-generating process. That’s underlined by our motto – Making IT make a difference.”

Electrolux IT Solutions will implement Tivoli Enterprise across more than 1,000 servers and 28,000 endpoints during the process of integrating Group IT assets into a streamlined worldwide network. Electrolux is one of the world’s largest users of IBM’s AS/400 platform, and the capability of Tivoli Enterprise to manage AS/400 systems in conjunction with many other platforms was a key factor in its choice by Electrolux.

The implementation of Tivoli Enterprise is a cooperative project between Electrolux IT Solutions and Tivoli Services who will work in partnership to develop high-level architecture design, project management and technical services for the Electrolux Group. Over the next 18 months, Electrolux plans to introduce Tivoli Enterprise at major locations in Europe and North America.

About the Electrolux Group

The Electrolux Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of household appliances for indoor and outdoor use and corresponding products for the professional market. Sales in 1998 amounted to SEK 117,5 billion. The Group employs approximately 100,000 people, and retails in more than 100 countries. For more information, visit the Electrolux IT. Solutions web site at http://www.electrolux.se/it-solutions.

About Tivoli Systems

Tivoli Systems Inc. provides the industry’s leading open, highly scalable and cross-platform management solutions that span networks, systems, applications and e-business. Leading companies around the world use Tivoli software and compatible third-party products to reduce the cost and complexity of managing networks, systems, databases and applications. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Tivoli is an IBM Company. Tivoli distributes its products worldwide through a network of global sales offices, systems integrators, resellers and IBM sales channels. For more information, visit Tivoli’s World Wide Web site at http://www.tivoli.com