Electrolux to launch a new intuitive kitchen range across Europe

Electrolux today announces the launch of a brand new kitchen range to be rolled out across Europe. Combining technology with human-centric Scandinavian design, it takes the cooking experience to a whole new level for the consumer.

The company has developed a line of Electrolux-branded products comprising a truly intuitive kitchen range, designed to work in harmony with the cook. From meal inspiration, all the way through cooking and cleaning up, the range offers appliances that help the consumer at every stage of the cooking journey.

The innovative products have been developed in three main categories based on the primary benefit they offer: Flex, Pro and Sense, for flexible, precise and assisted cooking. The Sense series includes ovens enriched with connected features which are compatible with Electrolux European smart kitchen partners, notably Google for voice assistance and the Innit recipe app.

“We’re extremely proud of the new Electrolux kitchen range, which truly puts the needs of the consumer first to offer outstanding experiences around great tasting food. For the past 100 years, Electrolux has improved the everyday life of people in their homes through innovation and superior design. We believe this range is a game-changer,” said Anna Ohlsson-Leijon, Head of Electrolux business area Europe.

The range will be launched starting in April. Several of the smart, connected appliances will also be shown at the Future Kitchen event, taking place at the Electrolux headquarters in Stockholm on March 21. Electrolux is inviting partners – from startups to retailers and tech giants – to discuss how to create value through the food and kitchen ecosystem. Follow the event on Twitter and join the conversation with #FutureKitchen.

The products

The new Electrolux kitchen range is born from the simplicity of Scandinavian design to offer a seamless aesthetic with attention to detail and ergonomics, making the products intuitive to understand and use. Including hobs, ovens, fridges, freezers, dishwashers and hoods, some highlights are:

  • The multi-functional 900 SteamPro oven. Its Steamify feature automatically combines the right amount of steam and traditional heat for best-in-class baking, roasting and steaming results. The oven is connected and works with the Innit recipe app and can be voice controlled through Google Home for even more intuitive cooking assistance.
  • The Electrolux 900 CookView® oven has an integrated camera that together with the ‘My Electrolux’ app allows consumers to keep an eye on their food on a mobile device, even while not in the kitchen.
  •  The Electrolux 900 SensePro® hob is the most advanced induction hob to date. Coming with the world’s first wireless and battery-less food probe, it enables perfect results by letting the user simply tell the hob what’s cooking and how they’d like it done. The probe can also control water temperature so accurately it allows users to cook sous vide on the hob.
  • The Electrolux 700 Hob2Hood® hood wirelessly synchronizes with most Electrolux hobs and is automatically activated when the hob is turned on, adapting the speed of the kitchen fan to the hob’s power settings.
  • The 2019 iF Design award-winning Electrolux 900 ComfortLift® dishwasher with QuickSelect. The new intuitive touch slider only requires one choice to be made, cycle time, and guides the user to the most eco-friendly choice. ComfortLift® is the world’s first lift-and-load rack for easy loading and unloading.
  • The Electrolux 800 MultiSpace stands tall at 190 cm, providing extra space and visibility of the ingredients. Through its unique SpinView 360 rotating shelf for complete access to food at the back of the fridge, it helps optimize space and minimize food waste.

For further information, please contact

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