Electrolux presents trend report on compact living and compact solutions

A new Electrolux trend report looks at the impact of population growth and the effects on urban areas, identifying sustainable and compact solutions to ensure life-quality is maintained.

It is projected that by 2050 the earth’s population will rise to 9.7billion*. By then, 3 billion additional city dwellers will be added to the existing 3.3 billion, amounting to 67% of the total world population.

In order to make cities more sustainable, all aspects of architecture, infrastructure and product design need to be efficient and environmentally sound. One evident evolution is a more compact city, in turn bringing design implications for the home.

The Electrolux trend report identifies the long term driving forces behind urbanisation. By recognising the impact of compact living on both society and the home Electrolux can provide a considered response to create smarter and more sustainable homes and more thoughtfully designed appliances in support of this transition.

Compact Appliances – Quality without compromise

At present, an estimated 180,000 people are added to the World’s urban population each day. This means that the need for smart, intuitive appliances exists now. ‘Compact Living – Quality without compromise’ brings together a number of current appliances that lend themselves to compact living arrangements, through a combination of reduced size, multifunctional performance and user-friendly design.

The report contains 14* specific multi-category examples of products and concepts, the majority of them available now, that are conducive or entirely designed for compact living.

Compact Living – European City Development

The report also identifies examples of cities across Europe that are embracing the move to sustainable, compact homes by building multifaceted spaces that for instance combine vertical farms (Sweden) and gardens (Italy) with city living.

Examples from Poland and Russia respectively include one of the narrowest buildings in the world (at 133cm at the widest point) and multi-purpose interiors.

Specific products & concepts by order of appearance in the report

  1. Electrolux Air Conditioner with Pure o2 System
  2. Electrolux Herb Garden
  3. Electrolux RealLife WaterSave dishwasher
  4. Electrolux UltraOne vacuum cleaner
  5. Electrolux CompactCare washing machine
  6. Electrolux DualCare Washer-dryer
  7. Electrolux Ergorapido vacuum cleaner
  8. Electrolux QuickSource boiling tap
  9. Electrolux CustomFlex refrigerator
  10. Electrolux Infinite Chef Collection
  11. Electrolux Masterpiece Collection
  12. Electrolux GemLine Hobs
  13. Electrolux Let’s Taste App
  14. Electrolux Compact Multifunction oven & Microwave

*Source: United Nations Department of Ecnomic and Social Affairs www.un.org/en/development/desa/news/population/2015-report.html