Electrolux presents the first AAAA vacuum cleaner in the market

Electrolux presents an AAAA-graded vacuum cleaner according to the new EU energy labeling and eco-design regulations. The new Electrolux UltraOne Quattro has A-grades for energy efficiency, dust-pickup on both carpet and hard floor, and on dust re-emission.

With the UltraOne Quattro model, available in stores from November, Electrolux launches its first vacuum cleaner with four A’s.

The new energy labeling and eco-design regulations apply in the EU from September 1. They require vacuum cleaner manufacturers to grade the corded products using an A-G scale on energy efficiency, dust pickup on carpet and hard floor with crevices, dust re-emissions and the sound level measured in decibels.

“As the leader in sustainability and innovation, we are very proud of the Electrolux UltraOne Quattro”, says Philippe Weber, Vice President Floor Care. “The Electrolux UltraOne Quattro has even better dust-pickup performance than a high-wattage vacuum cleaner – on both hard floor with crevices and on carpet – but with significantly lower energy consumption.”

“We know that consumers want guidance in choosing the most sustainable appliances. That’s why Electrolux worked very pro-actively to make EU introduce energy labeling also on vacuum cleaners. Now we take the next step in showing that it is possible to drastically reduce energy consumption on vacuum cleaners while keeping the high performance levels.“

In connection to the introduction of the new energy labeling system in September, Electrolux launches a range of top performing A-graded vacuum cleaners: UltraOne, UltraFlex, a new bagless cleaner with a 12 m action radius, Ergospace and Jetmaxx offer AAA-grading.

“We call this the Eco Force”, says Philippe Weber, Vice President Floor Care. “It means improving performance and reducing energy consumption without compromising other features and functions. It is part of the Electrolux Group target to cut our global CO2 impact by 50% by 2020 relative to 2005 production levels.”

The Electrolux UltraOne Quattro facts:

A in energy efficiency

A low wattage yet high efficiency motor together with top rated dust pick-up results delivers energy efficiency grade A for UltraOne Quattro.

A in dust pickup % (DPU) on Wilton carpet

A new generation of AeroPro motorized carpet specialist nozzle with a rotating power brush delivers top rated dust pick results on carpet.

A in dust pickup % (DPU) hard floor with crevice

The brand new AeroPro Parketto Pro is a nozzle specializing in achieving top-rated dust pick on hard floors with crevice. The secret is the sealed brushes around the edges of the nozzle.

A in dust re-emission

UltraOne is a sealed vacuum cleaner fitted with both the specially developed Ultra Long Performance s-bag® and an Allergy Plus filter delivering highest possible dust re-emission class.