Electrolux Presents Future ‘ReSource’ Kitchen with Domus Academy, Milan

Electrolux challenged Masters students at the Domus Academy in Milan, to rethink kitchen appliances.

Nine concepts, based on existing technology that consider sustainability and culture under the theme of ‘ReSource’, are presented here to coincide with 2011 Milan Design Week and just before entry to the annual Electrolux Design Lab contest closes (23:59 CET May 1st, 2011).

“To re-source is to re-generate, re-energize, re-mix and re-lax,” says Bruno Lizotte, Design Manager at Electrolux, “and the appropriate space for this multi-tasking is, more than ever before, the home and its vibrant centre – the kitchen.”

The ReSource concepts include sustainable thinking and cultural reference points – both of which are increasingly important issues for product design as our planet’s resources disappear and our changing habits and lifestyles are fed by multi-cultural influences in our quest for novelty.

“This was a true collaboration, not just teaching,” says Lizotte who tutored the students, reviewing their work and giving them feedback. “The impressive response shows a dynamic way of looking at appliance design, offering novel solutions for the kitchen environment.”