Electrolux opens its first microbiology research lab

In September 2018, Electrolux inaugurated its first microbiology competence center. Located in Porcia, Italy, the center will support global technology innovation for future products.

Microbiology is the study of the micro-organisms that surround us and constantly influence the quality of our lives.

While microbiology research may not be something that one automatically associates with a company like Electrolux, it can bring many useful insights to product development. For example, a better understanding of how to control the microbiological mechanisms responsible for food spoilage is crucial to better preserve food quality and reduce food waste.


The microbiology center will also support the development of new technologies aimed at improving air and water quality. This can be achieved, for example, through air sanitization, allergen prevention and drinking water disinfection.

In addition, the new lab aims to improve the hygiene performance of appliances for better care of clothes and dishware by examining sanitization at low temperatures, reducing unpleasant odors, and preventing the formation of bacteria-carrying biofilms.

“There is strong potential for a microbiology lab within Electrolux and this facility will bring benefits to all our products,” says Federico Paroni, microbiologist and in charge of the new center.

Paroni will be backed up by a number of academy and industry alliances, including PhD researchers in food microbiology, plus master degree students.

“In the past, we could only access this kind of knowhow from external partners,” says Monica Celotto, Sustainability Manager at Electrolux.

“But now, with our own in-house facility—and working in collaboration with competence-leading partners—we will be able to operate not just in a more systematic way, but with a more consumer-oriented focus in our work to help optimize products.”