Electrolux launches the first and only professional cooking system for consumer homes

Electrolux today launches Electrolux Grand Cuisine. This is a breakthrough into a completely new product category. The ultra-luxury kitchen range is the first professional cooking system specifically for home use and the first that makes it possible to fully recreate Michelin-star restaurant experiences at home.

Electrolux consumer insight research has identified a gap in the market. In recent years there has been a revolution in how consumers feel about food. There is an increased interest in fresh ingredients, health, seasonality, provenance and quality. Linked to this there is also an increased focus on culinary and restaurant experiences. But until now there has only been limited possibilities to recreate top restaurant experiences at home, as home cooks could not preserve the quality of food or use techniques employed by chefs.

Electrolux has been partnering with the world’s best chefs for more than 90 years. Products from Electrolux are used by almost half of all Michelin-starred restaurant kitchens in Europe. For the first time, Electrolux is bringing these professional cooking systems used in Michelin starred kitchens to the world’s most exclusive homes.

“The launch of Electrolux Grand Cuisine is a decisive strategic move. Electrolux has a long history of consumer insight driven innovation and professional expertise. We have the credentials to lead the home-cooking revolution and have moved to meet this consumer need, by further leveraging our professional expertise,” says Keith McLoughlin, President and CEO of Electrolux.

“You don’t need to be a professional to get professional results with Electrolux Grand Cuisine. Intuitive and interactive touch screens make the products incredibly easy to use – whether you are whipping an egg white to create an airy meringue or creating the most succulent rack of lamb,” continues Mr McLoughlin.

Electrolux Grand Cuisine comprises nine products: Combination Oven, Blast Chiller, Induction Zone, Precision Vacuum Sealer, Gas Hob, Sear Hob, Surround Induction Zone, Stand Mixer and Bespoke Ventilation Systems. It also includes Molteni, the iconic French-style cooking stove.

The cooking system is bespoke and handcrafted according to each individual requirement. Starting price for a full range, excluding the Molteni stove, will be around EUR 80,000 excluding VAT. It is the only cooking appliance system that comes with an in-home briefing from a top chef.

For specifics on the products go to www.grandcuisine.com.

For press images go to Electrolux Photos – Grand Cuisine.

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