Electrolux launches pilot to reduce pollution in ports

Electrolux has started the ball rolling to reduce pollution from high levels of sulfur oxides (SOx) in port areas, with a voluntary switch to low-sulfur fuel as the first company taking part in a pilot initiative with shipping company Hamburg Süd.

With moored ships burning heavy fuel oils in port, often in densely populated areas, pollution has become a serious issue. Following discussions with other major brands and carriers as part of the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG), Hamburg Süd has agreed to host a pilot run.

The first fuel switch took place in Iquique, Chile, on March 1–2. Electrolux plans to extend the project to Mexico and Peru, and is in discussion with other companies to ‘get on board’.

“During the last five years, Electrolux carriers have succeeded in reducing CO2 emissions by 35 percent. The next step, as part of the Electrolux Sustainability framework For The Better, is to reduce levels of sulfur oxides in those ports that lack regulation. We are starting in Chile”, says Tomas Dahlman, Electrolux Director Global Energy Strategies.