Electrolux launches high safety steam iron

Electrolux has launched the 5Safety iron. It ensures safe, simple, fast and effective care and is developed using knowledge and experience from the professional laundry industry. It is a high performance steam iron with advanced safety functions. In addition to providing excellent ironing result, generous steam release also provides odor removal from clothes, garments and fabrics.

5Safety is easy to control thanks to its over-all rubber grip, and the shape of the base makes it possible to iron backwards over seams and buttons. An extensive amount of steam holes – 605 of them – produce very fine steam to really help penetrate fibers to revitalize refresh and deodorize.

Making ironing problem-free

Electrolux research has shown that around 60% of people have a strong dislike (32%) or hatred (27%) of ironing, with 80% of respondents indicating a desire for help with the task.  An easy-to-use high performance iron that helps achieve wrinkle free result makes ironing a lot simpler.

“We really focused on meeting consumer needs while developing 5Safety”, says Karolin Rohmer, Product Marketing Manager at Electrolux, “Actually ironing is quite fun using equipment like this and when you see instant result.”

By studying consumers while ironing in their home environment Electrolux could identify some of the most troubling obstacles, such as low performance, too Time consuming, or safety issues such as risk of fire as well as destroying delicate fabrics.

Based on those insights, when developing 5Safety, focus was on making ironing easier, with better end result and removing worries about delicate fabrics as well as “did I leave my iron plugged in?”.

5Safety has an extra large stand that makes the iron stand steadier when not being used, an over-all rubber handle that gives a better grip when ironing and three levels of auto-off that kicks in when the iron is still longer than 30 seconds lying plate down, more than 30 seconds lying on the side and after 8 minutes in standing position.

The Electrolux 5Safety Steam Iron has received Plus X Award as Best product of the year 2011 as well as an honoration for High quality design and Ease of Use.

Electrolux 5Safety Steam Iron Features

  • Safety functions: 3xauto-off (30s plate down, 30s lying on the side, 8min standing on its heel), XL safety stand and XXL over-all rubber grip.
  • High performance: 605 steam holes for finest steaming, 150 g shot of steam, extra large water tank powered by 2600 watt.
  • Refreshing with steam only: To de-wrinkle and remove odors from already worn, dry garments – saving both money and the environment.
  • Fabric-friendly: 4active power auto steam control and anti-drip function. Resilium soleplate for best scratch resistance to protect the fine textiles.
  • Choice of colors: Comes in Dakar metallic, Aruba Blue Metallic and Phantom Black.