Electrolux joins forces with young Team of Change-Makers to accelerate innovation

After a worldwide search for young, bright minds to help us explore new sustainable solutions for better living, today we introduce our Team of Change-Makers.

In May, Electrolux CEO Jonas Samuelson published an Open Letter inviting young people from around the world to apply to join forces with Electrolux and some of the most influential change-makers of today to explore solutions for future sustainable homes. The aim is to learn more about young people’s hopes, dreams and concerns, to ensure our efforts align with their wants and needs come 2030.

Following an extensive search and hundreds of applications, eight young people from seven countries were selected and are now joining creative sessions led by the Innovation Hub at Electrolux to explore solutions for better living, starting with the future of clothes and garment care.

Meet the team 

  • Benyapa Chaemchoy, 20, from Thailand
  • Beatrise Rådman, 18, from Sweden
  • Beatriz Silva de Almeida Barros, 20, from Brazil
  • Francesco Bazzana, 18, from Italy
  • Justine Underhill, 19, from Australia
  • Luma Palheta de Azevedo, 20, from Brazil
  • Morgane Philippe, 18, from Czech Republic
  • Sophia Lindfield, 18, from Canada

Head of Electrolux Innovation Hub Tove Chevalley said: “This is an amazing team of young people from around the world who are really passionate about creating change to help save our planet. They are also the ones who will be setting up their own homes in the next ten years. Therefore it’s really important we listen to what they want and need as we look to develop sustainable solutions for the home for 2030 and beyond. I’m so happy to be working with them.”

As part of the same initiative, Electrolux recently published its Change-Makers Report which surveyed 14,000 young people on their fears, hopes and dreams when it comes to sustainable living. For results of the survey and more detail of our Better Living 2030 initiative, read here https://www.betterlivingprogram.com/bl-2030.

The Better Living 2030 initiative is part of Electrolux’s ambitious plan to meet the bold targets for 2030 focusing on better eating, better garment care, better home environment and better company.