Electrolux Inspiro Oven wins Good Housekeeping Consumer Award 2008

The Electrolux Inspiro Oven has been voted one of six Good Housekeeping Institute Outstanding Products of the Year – winning the prestigious Good Housekeeping Consumer Award 2008 in the GHI Tried & Tested Category.

Good Housekeeping Institute tests hundreds of products every year – more than 600 in 2008 alone. Of all these, only six products were picked as Award Winners for 2008 in this category. The Electrolux Inspiro was the only kitchen appliance.

The Electrolux Inspiro EOC69400X single oven is one of the most intelligent ovens on the market. It uses heat management technology and a database of professional cooking techniques to automatically cook dishes to perfection.

“Simply the Best” is how the Good Housekeeping Institute described the Electrolux Inspiro. “To earn the top score, the Electrolux passed our roasting and baking tests with flying colours. It also has pyrolytic cleaning and autocooking…” was the GHI verdict!

“We are delighted that the Electrolux Inspiro has been recognised by the Good Housekeeping Institute as an outstanding performer. This is the perfect oven for anyone who wants to be certain of superb cooking results, making it ideal for those who love entertaining, as well as cooking for family”, comments Christoph Walter, inventer of the oven, of Electrolux.

About Inspiro
The key breakthrough is the way the oven manages heat. Inspiro determines what the correct final temperature of the dish should be and chooses the cooking mode (baking, grilling, convection) or combination of modes needed to get there. It also specifies what rack the food should be on. To do that, it uses a database of professional experience gathered from across Europe in five cooking categories:

•  baking (breads, cakes and pies)
•  roasting (joints, poultry and fish)
•  convenience foods (frozen dishes and frozen pastry)
•  oven dishes (casseroles, soufflés and gratins)
•  pizza (fresh, frozen, parbaked and snack)

Unlike traditional recipe ovens which require the recipes to be followed closely, Inspiro allows full flexibility: Just select the type of cooking, dial in the specific dish and press start. Then, with the dish in a cold oven, Inspiro determines the cooking time by monitoring the energy consumption and the heat up time – the amount of energy and time it takes to heat the oven depends on how much is being cooked.

The Inspiro oven is also possible to use in manual mode.

Inspiro features a pyrolytic cleaning system that cleans the entire oven – top, sides, door, light and oven base. The oven is heated to 500°C, which reduces food residue to ash that can simply be wiped off without the need for chemical agents. The oven indicates when it’s time to clean.

Designed with today’s open-plan kitchens in mind, Inspiro also has a maintenance-free platinum/palladium catalytic filtering system that removes odors and breaks down fats.

Inspiro is energy class rated: A

About Good Housekeeping Institute
Founded in 1900, the Institute conducts more than 2,000 evaluations each year and salutes the most innovative problem-solving products with Good Housekeeping’s annual Good Buy Awards.  For more information on the Awards, please see: www.allaboutyou.com/food/GH-consumer-awards-survey/event

For more information on the Electrolux Inspiro, please contact Press Hotline: +46 8 657 65 07 or press@electrolux.com