Electrolux initiates conversation about sustainability

In a conversation with Tessa Tennant, a pioneer within sustainability, Keith McLoughlin, President and CEO of Electrolux, outlines the Electrolux sustainability strategy. The conversation is now online as a part of the Group’s sustainability strategy report.

Keith McLoughlin, President and CEO of Electrolux, introduces the global appliance manufacturer’s sustainability strategy in a conversation with Tessa Tennant, a UK thought-leader active within the NGO and financial investment community. The conversation is now online at www.electrolux.com/future-insight, and is a part of the launch of Future InSight, the Group’s sustainability strategy report.

The Electrolux sustainability strategy covers three areas;

  • Operational efficiency: Integrating sustainability goals throughout its operations.
  • Product excellence: Driving innovation and building the market for efficient appliances.
  • Engaging in society: Engaging stakeholders in dialog and building partnerships throughout the Group’s value chain to achieve these sustainability goals.

Through the strategy, Electrolux aims to maintain its leadership position within its industry and is stepping up its commitment to growth that’s sustainable – doing more with less for more of the world’s people.

“To maintain sustainability leadership, we need to ensure that the way we operate, innovate, manufacture and distribute products has a positive impact on society and the environment,” says McLoughlin. “We need clarity of vision and total organizational alignment and commitment to achieving that vision.”

The strategy encapsulates ambitious targets for water, energy efficiency and carbon reductions, including:

  • A 28% absolute reduction of energy use by 2012 compared with 2005 consumption.
  • A 20% reduction goal for water use and a 15% carbon reduction target in transportation and logistics, both using 2010 consumption levels as the baseline and 2014 as the target year.
  • In terms of health and safety, operate 25% of Group plants at best practice levels for the manufacturing industry by 2016; with the vision of achieving accident-free facilities.
  • Long-term product targets for energy, water and chemical use for products in all markets will be announced later this year.

Tessa Tennant is Executive Chair of the Ice Organisation, creators of Ice, a consumer loyalty programme rewarding sustainable living in the UK. She is Chair of GlobalCool.org, which works with celebrities and entertainment personalities to engage people with greener lifestyles. She also co-founded both the UK’s first eco-investment fund in 1988 and the Carbon Disclosure Project in 1999, of which she is a trustee.

The Future InSight Blog at www.electrolux.com/future-insight addresses how sustainability issues impact Electrolux business, and how we can grow as a company by engaging in them.

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