Electrolux Ideas Lab: Let’s bring healthy, home-cooked food to every dinner table

Global eating habits are changing as our passion for food is booming. In a new global competition, Electrolux now seeks innovative ideas to inspire healthier, more sustainable home cooking. The winner will receive a €10,000 cash prize and a unique experience to transform their idea into reality.

“With Electrolux Ideas Lab, we are aiming to trigger creativity and out-of-the-box thinking around matters relating to the home and everyday life. The competition celebrates the creative minds of participants and enables them to take their ideas even further.” says Jonas Samuelson, Electrolux President and CEO.

Consumers today search to source local produce, share meals on social media, travel for new tastes in gastronomy and buy more cookbooks than ever before. At the same time, food is increasingly recognized as a global sustainability challenge in terms of food waste, CO2 emissions, and health issues such as obesity, diabetes and under-nutrition. Electrolux Ideas Lab offers an opportunity for anyone to cook up creative ideas that inspire people around the world to enjoy tastier, healthier and more sustainable home cooking.

The recipe for success is limitless; we welcome ideas from smartphone apps, food-sharing programs, innovative recipe collections, kitchen tools and life hacks, to full-fledged business models. The competition is open to everyone over the age of 18 and entries can be submitted from August 15 – October 3. Submissions can be made individually or as a two-person team. Tell us about your idea in a 30-second video clip, write a short description and upload to www.electroluxideaslab.com. Be as creative as you can with your video submission and explain your idea in the most persuasive way possible.

Key dates: October 18: Top 50 announced. November 17: Top 10 announced. November 28: Winner is revealed

The winner will be selected by a jury of Electrolux experts. They receive a €10,000 cash prize and an invitation to spend a week in Stockholm. During this week, the winner meets with leaders and experts from Electrolux and network with some of the most successful Scandinavian start-ups to enable them to develop, realize and launch the idea further.

As a global competition, we welcome a diverse range of entries from people with varied backgrounds, culinary experiences and creative ambitions that are both feasible for consumers today and in the future. We will consider all ideas as inspiration for our ongoing work with innovation. If an idea fits with the Electrolux portfolio and is considered for further development, a discussion will be pursued with the idea owner directly.

For more information and to submit your idea

Go to: www.electroluxideaslab.com

For further information

Please contact Electrolux Press Hotline, +46 8 657 65 07.