Electrolux hosts event to debate the Future Sustainable Kitchen

Today Electrolux will be hosting the Future Sustainable Kitchen, a digital event bringing together experts from across the food ecosystem all united by a common goal: to make sustainable eating the preferred choice.

Right now, we are cooking and eating beyond the planet’s boundaries and change is needed across the food and cooking journeys. To debate how to drive positive change, kitchen specialists, grocers, food tech start-ups, NGOs, chefs, and Electrolux as an appliance manufacturer are all coming together. The speaker line-up includes key leaders such as Anna Ohlsson-Leijon (CEO of Electrolux Business Area Europe), Brent Loken (Global Food Lead Scientist at WWF), Gabriela Hernandez Galindo (Global Sustainability Director at Danone), Jon Sintorn (CEO of Nobia) and Kevin Yu (Founder at SideChef) and many more, who all play a role in shaping the kitchen of the future.

“We believe in a more sustainable kitchen for the future. More sustainable cooking and eating habits are critical for our health and for the health of our planet”, says Anna Ohlsson-Leijon, CEO of Electrolux Europe. “As a global appliance manufacturer and leader in sustainability, we want to live up to our responsibility. We have the consumer insights and the innovations to empower consumers to take action for a more sustainable lifestyle. However, if there’s one thing that is certain in light of the global food challenge it’s that this battle cannot be fought by just a few. We need our diverse partners to come up with solutions together with us, and today’s event is a perfect opportunity for this.”

The topics for the digital event are built around four key themes: The Food Sustainability Challenge, Designing for a Sustainable Kitchen, Collaborating for a Sustainable Kitchen and Looking into the Future Sustainable Kitchen. The event will be moderated by Michael Wolf, founder of the Smart Kitchen Summit/The Spoon.

In 2019, Electrolux launched the Better Living Program which is an evolving list of actions aimed to shape better and more sustainable living around the world. A key target of the Better Living Program is to make sustainable eating the preferred choice by 2030.

“Electrolux has a great opportunity to change the perception that cooking healthy and sustainably isn’t easy and doesn’t taste good. We want to inspire people to eat, source and care for food in a way that benefits both people and planet”, says Vanessa Butani, Head of Sustainability at Electrolux Europe. “We need to change the ways we consume and handle food. To help make every meal a conscious act of better living, we have to drive change by educating consumers and exploring new technologies.”

A concrete example of how Electrolux is collaborating with innovative partners to assist consumers in making sustainable cooking easier will be officially announced at the event today. Together with SideChef, an all-in-one digital home cooking platform, and Le Cordon Bleu, the largest network of culinary arts and hotel management institutes in the world, Electrolux creates a new cooking experience, with easy step-by-step video-based cooking instructions and guidance from Le Cordon Bleu chefs to make tasty and sustainable plant-based recipes. Consumers with an Electrolux smart steam oven can send the recipe information straight to the oven for optimal settings of time, temperature, and cooking method so that every dish tastes its best.

Please read more and sign up here for the event which takes place today at 13.00-18.00 CET. Future Sustainable Kitchen is an Electrolux event, co-hosted by The Spoon.

For further information, please contact Electrolux Press Hotline, +46 8 657 65 07.