Electrolux Group wins sustainable product awards for kitchen and laundry appliances

The Electrolux Infinite Chef Collection, a set of premium cooking pans and accessories, has been awarded first prize in the Home Accessories category of the Green Product Award.

AEG’s ÖKOKombi washer dryer and ÖKOMix washing machine were also recognized in the Home Electronics category of this award, which honors products that embody exceptional design, innovation and sustainability.

Created together with professional chefs, the Electrolux Infinite Chef Collection is developed to harness the power and speed of induction technology to bring out the best from ingredients. The collection is stylishly designed, yet very practical and with sustainable features. The pans are made of five layers of metals that provide better heat conductivity than steel pans to save energy, whilst the stainless steel surface ensures durability.

“The Electrolux Group has a strong commitment to sustainable practice and external recognition of this is certainly appreciated as we strive across three fronts to minimize environmental impact,” said Viktor Sundberg, VP Environmental & EU Affairs at Electrolux.

On the winning entry, Sundberg noted: “The design is applicable for use across multiple heat sources. This is unusual in that induction hobs and other types of hobs (e.g. gas, electric) normally require specific variations of cookware for use to provide the best result. This ‘one size fits all’ approach, albeit a premium one, effectively reduces the amount of material needed to create robust cooking equipment.”

More than 200 submissions from 14 countries were submitted in the nine categories of the award which also placed the AEG ÖKOKombi Combination Washer Dryer, AEG ÖKOMix Washing Machine and Electrolux TimeManager Tumble Dryer as the second, third and fourth best entries respectively within the category of Consumer Electronics. The Green Product Award jury noted the “well implemented eco-design approach” of the AEG products, praising the ÖKOMix for being the most energy efficient washing machine on the market. Read more about the awards here: http://www.gp-award.com/en/award.

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