Electrolux Group wins 11 iF Awards for outstanding product design

Electrolux Group has won 11 coveted iF Design Awards for products designed to improve the daily lives of consumers in the home. The iF Design Awards jury recognized Electrolux Group for many aspects of design, including user interface.

The iF Design Award is one of the most prominent design prizes in the world. This year, the competition received around 11,000 entries from 100 countries. The jury of independent experts from all over the world evaluates submissions based on idea, form, function, differentiation and impact.

“The results of hard work, a considered approach and global collaboration, these designs are outstanding and it’s nice that they are recognized as such,” says David Bentham, Head of Design for Wellbeing (Floor/Air Care products) and Small Domestic Appliances. “It’s a tribute to the teams.”

“This year’s awards demonstrate our commitment to product excellence,” says Simon Bradford, Head of Design for Product Line Taste (Food Preparation/Preservation products). “Consumers and the jury alike appreciate our human-centric design philosophy.”

“Our designs combine functionality, sustainability and simplicity to shape living for the better for consumers,” says Lyndon Craig, Head of Design for Product Line Care (Fabric/Dish Care products). “I’m pleased we are recognized for this again this year.”

And the winners are:

AEG XTM Combo Saphir Matt

The matt glass induction hob with built-in extractor uses an innovative type of tactile paper-like textured glass, the first of its kind in the world. It’s combined with a modular extractor system for effortless, elegant and odor-free cooking.

AEG 7000 Series Built-in Gas Hobs with StepPower

The hob caters to the aspiration of premium Chinese consumers, aligning with modern Asian cuisine’s emphasis on power, efficiency and precision. An extensive collaboration between Design and Research and Development led to a unique European expression for the burners and pan support composition, which combines best-in-class performance standards while introducing our AEG Brand expression into the realm of Asian cooking.

Experience Bottom Freezer Refrigerators Line-up

The Electrolux Experience Bottom Freezer is a family of mid-level refrigerators that positively impact people’s lives and the planet. Its symmetric design balances the need to stand out and to blend in, a relevant aspect in the contemporary Latin American household. These products inspire and enable consumers to make healthier and more sustainable eating choices through functions like AutoSense, which automatically adjusts temperatures and power usage according to your habits, and through compartments like HortiNatura, which preserves the freshness of fruits and vegetables for up to two times longer. Consumers’ changing needs are addressed by a flexible internal layout in both the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

Fabric Care New Electrolux Range

The new Care range is designed to deliver a best-in-class consumer experience, thanks to innovations and intuitive interaction. With the new Smart Select function, the user selects the soil level of the load, and the machine automatically selects the most appropriate program. Eco leaf icons also signal the sustainability level of the selection. Fabrics last longer with the Care Drum’s cushion-like pattern. Recycled materials for door, knob, and panel parts, avoiding the use of chrome or double injection, foster a more sustainable approach in product manufacturing.

AEG/Electrolux ComfortLift Freestanding Dishwasher

This dishwasher gently lifts the lower dishwasher rack up to a comfortable height for easy loading and unloading. The MaxiFlex drawer accommodates multiple cutlery pieces that are positioned separately so that they will not get scratched. SoftGrips and SoftSpikes gently secure and support delicate wine glasses, safeguarding them from damage. The result is a uniquely uncluttered experience that appeals to the senses without overwhelming them.

AEG 5000 Series / Electrolux 500 Series

The Pure 500 is our latest generation of air purifier that the user can control and monitor remotely by using the app. The cleaning technology uses a four-stage filter system that reduces exposure to small particles and volatile organic compounds. The unit’s spiral outlet creates a powerful vortex that helps clean the room in a matter of minutes. The design provides accessible air purification, using human-centric values and design expression. It’s an elegant, compact, quiet and user-friendly air purifier whose colors and finishes make it belong in your home.

Electrolux/AEG Air Fryer Range

The new Air Fryer series won two awards, one for the product design and the other for user interface (UI). Designed with a multicultural perspective, it aims to simplify cooking by empowering users of various markets not only to cook in a healthier, faster and more energy-efficient way, but also to explore new recipes and cooking techniques offered on the UI. The interface ensures a user-friendly operation through a seamless, step-by-step process that guides consumers within a logical, left-to-right, easy-to-follow sequence. The product combines effortless solutions with an iconic and compact design that takes less space on the countertop. In some markets, the QR Code on the top of the product expands the cooking experience by providing recipes, support, and guidance.

Electrolux/AEG Steam Irons and Steam Station

The Electrolux/AEG Steam Irons and Steam Station is a statement to deliver on our vision to make clothes last twice as long with half the environmental impact. This is achieved by use of recycled plastics in the product range as well as plastic-free packaging. It combines performance with comfort and ease of use in a human-centric Scandinavian design, allowing the user to de-wrinkle garments in a quick and effortless way, making them last longer.

Electrolux/AEG Hand and Stand Mixer

The Electrolux/AEG Hand and Stand Mixer, inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics, embodies the principles of simplicity, functionality, and a commitment to sustainability by using recycled materials. Its understated elegance effortlessly integrates into various kitchen settings, like a sculpture in the kitchen.

Electrolux/AEG Espresso Machine

The espresso machine with an integrated coffee grinder is designed around our Scandinavian design principles. It improves usability by humanizing physical and digital design on key elements, thus easing the process of preparing a good cup of espresso. Inspired by the evolution of modern homes, the design effortlessly complements the space by the clever use of Nordic colors, accents, and forms.