Electrolux endorses Caring for Climate

On behalf of Electrolux, Hans Stråberg, President and CEO, is one of 358 corporate leaders that have endorsed Caring for Climate; a UN Global Compact-orchestrated series of initiatives worldwide that demonstrate business leadership on climate change.

It is intended to spark engagement among business and government alike to create an effective climate strategy. Not only does it advance practical solutions, it is intended to help shape policy as well as public attitudes.

On the World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen on May 24-26, an important lead-up to international climate negotiations, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was presented with the publication Caring for Climate Nordic Best Practice. The book, published by the UN Global Compact Nordic Network, profiles leading corporations based in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland and their commitment to contribute to solutions to the challenge of climate change. Electrolux is among the 22 companies highlighted.

In the book, Electrolux describes its climate strategy, namely to:

  • promote and develop the most energy-efficient products;
  • reduce energy use in our own operations;
  • raise awareness on the role of energy-efficient appliances.

The third aspect is crucial. If consumers were aware of the huge environment potential, Electrolux could make a much greater contribution. In the Caring for Climate book, we are therefore challenging governments to adapt fiscal frameworks designed to trigger climate-lean purchasing—such as introducing incentives and rebates to purchase energy-efficient appliances.

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