Electrolux congratulates Bocuse d’Or winners

Chefs Rasmus Kofoed from Denmark and Tommy Myllymäki from Sweden finished first and second, respectively, in the Bocuse d’Or final, which recently took place in Lyon, France. It was initiated in 1987 by world famous Chef Paul Bocuse and is today regarded as a world chef championship. Both gold medalist Kofoed and silver medalist Myllymäki use Electrolux products every day.

The winner of this year’s Bocuse d’Or, Rasmus Kofoed, who had previously taken the bronze medal in 2005 and the silver medal in 2007 in the same competition, is head chef and co-owner of the Electrolux-equipped restaurant Geranium in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tommy Myllymäki, winner of the Bocuse d’Argent 2011, runs the restaurant Julita Wärdshus in Julita, Sweden.

As part of the Sirha 2011 trade exhibition, 24 chefs from all regions of the world took up a major challenge: preparing two perfect dishes in 5.35 hours. The cooking took place in front of a live audience in the dedicated contest kitchens. The chefs prepared their meals using the official products of the Bocuse d’Or 2011: Scottish lamb for the meat dish and Monkfish, Crab and Scottish Langoustine for the fish dish.

The contest was juried by a team of 24 influential chefs, many of them Electrolux customers, led by three iconic chefs: Paul Bocuse, President & Founder, Yannick Alleno, Honorary President (3* Chef at Le Meurice in Paris, Silver Bocuse 1999) and Geir Skeie, President of the International Jury (Bocuse d’Or 2009).