Electrolux awards top suppliers

Electrolux held its fifth Supplier Awards event in November 2017 in Stockholm, recognizing its top direct material and logistics suppliers for outstanding performance.

“Our suppliers are crucial partners in ensuring quality and innovation in our appliances, and truly help Electrolux shape living for the better for millions of people. We want to acknowledge their excellent performance and value to Electrolux,” says Jonas Samuelson, President and CEO of Electrolux.

Selected from more than 2,000 suppliers, thirty finalists gathered for the one-day awards event at Electrolux headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden. The focus this year was on sustainability, which has a key role in Electrolux Group’s strategy. Highlights from the discussions included how to lower the carbon footprint and increase energy-efficiency in the supply chain, as well as how connected products can help reduce environmental impact.

“Electrolux plays a leading role in the industry within sustainability. We are striving to reduce impact on the environment and society by developing more energy-efficient solutions, using more recycled and sustainable materials, and by reducing our total carbon footprint. And this contribution can be amplified by working together with our suppliers,” says Peter Truyens, Senior Vice President of Group Purchasing at Electrolux.

Winners were awarded in the following categories:

Supplier excellence

The Supplier Excellence Award recognizes operational excellence in product development, price competitiveness, quality and the supply chain, as well as social and environmental practices. Suppliers nominated for this award have demonstrated a sustainable performance record that enables Electrolux factories to produce the most competitive home appliances with the best quality.

Winners: Selettra (Major Appliances EMEA), Brazeway (Major Appliances North America), HongBaoLi (Major Appliances Latin America), H&T (Major Appliances Asia-Pacific), Chunju (Home Care & Small Domestic Appliances), Infinity (Professional).

Supplier innovation

The Supplier Innovation Awards recognizes collaboration between Electrolux and its suppliers to develop new innovative components that make a difference to Group products and consumers.

Winners: Plast & Texer (Kitchen, Cold category), Armeton (Laundry), Constructa Sistemi (Kitchen, Hot category), Flex (Floor care), Tempestive (Professional).

Global logistics

The Global Logistics Award recognizes the logistics company that provides the highest quality of service, on-time delivery, performance, cost competitiveness and sustainability practices.

Winner: CMA CGM