Electrolux awarded for best sustainability report

The Electrolux Group has been awarded ‘Best Sustainability Report of the Year’ in a rating conducted by Aktuell hållbarhet, a Swedish-based media group devoted to environmental, sustainability and CSR issues.

The Electrolux report for 2016 was picked from 300 large and mid-sized companies by a jury of experts. It was praised for demonstrating credibly, and in a detailed manner, how Electrolux has worked towards its key sustainability priorities. “The report shows efficiently why the priorities are vital and how they lead to benefits for the business as well as for society,” the jury said.

Sustainability is a key aspect of the Electrolux Group’s purpose – Shape living for the better – and is also a deeply integrated part of the Group’s business model to create best-in-class consumer experiences. Electrolux focuses its sustainability efforts on nine promises organized in three pillars: Better Solutions, Better Operations and Better Society.

“Transparency, accuracy and clarity in our reporting are fundamental to keep track of our progress and implementation of our sustainability priorities, and to continuously raise the bar in our current and future work,” says Henrik Sundström, Vice President of Sustainability Affairs at Electrolux.

The Electrolux Sustainability Report annually highlights relevant performance indicators from operations, details of the social and environmental issues facing the appliances industry, and shows how the concept of sustainability is woven into the company’s strategy. It is published together with the Annual Report for AB Electrolux.