Electrolux applauds merger of IoT standards groups; continues to shape future of connected appliances

Electrolux, a world-leading manufacturer of home appliances, comments the merger of the AllSeen Alliance with the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) to accelerate the Internet of Things:

“We believe this is a crucial move to unlock the vast potential of the Internet of Things for consumers around the world. Combining the best of these two organizations takes us one step closer to the vision of a home where our appliances can freely communicate with a wide range of other products and brands,” said Jan Brockmann, Chief Operations Officer of the Electrolux Group.

“Electrolux has worked actively within both AllSeen and the OCF to help shape the future of connected appliances by bringing about a common open IoT communications standard. We are now very well positioned in the marketplace as we continue developing smart, connected appliances that create best-in-class consumer experiences through great tasting food, care for your clothes and wellbeing in your home. This will be an important driver for profitable growth in the years to come,” Brockmann said.

The Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF), sponsor of the IoTivity open source project, and AllSeen Alliance, which provides the AllJoyn® open source IoT framework, today announced that the two organizations’ boards have approved a merger under the OCF name and bylaws.

This merger will advance interoperability between connected devices from both groups, enabling the full operating potential of IoT and representing a significant step towards a connected ecosystem. Read the full announcement regarding the merger here.