Electrolux Annual Report 2010 awarded third best in the world

Electrolux Annual Report 2010 is called a “top-notch reporting appliance” and rates it third best of 1,500 international annual reports. This is the fourth year in a row Electrolux has placed among the top three best annual reports in the world.

“A dialogue between the former and the new CEOs, the World of Electrolux spread, product and cost elements of strategy, exchange rate exposure and transaction effects mapped make it a top-notch reporting appliance,” writes the ReportWatch team of the Electrolux Annual Report 2010.

The survey is often regarded as the most comprehensive, international and authoritative survey on annual reports. This year, around 1,500 annual reports were included in the ranking. When conducting the evaluation, Report Watch takes a representative cross section of annual reports based on the relative importance of stock markets, aiming at industrial and geographic diversity.

The Electrolux Annual Report 2010 is published in two sections. The first part is a comprehensive overview of the Group strategy and business model. The second part provides the full-year financial statements and other financial information, as well as the Electrolux Sustainability Report.

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At Electrolux Annual Reports you can download Electrolux previously awarded Annual reports as well as all Electrolux Annual Reports since the year 1950.

For more information about Report Watch and Annual Report on Annual Reports: http://www.reportwatch.net/annual-report-on-annual-reports-2011

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