Electrolux annual report 2008 gets silver medal in global ranking

For the second year in a row, the Electrolux annual report succeeded in getting top placement in the international annual report ranking Annual Report on Annual Reports from Report Watch. 300 international listed companies were ranked.

The Electrolux report ranked second after Adidas of Germany. Third and fourth places went to Telus of Canada and Philips of Holland, respectively. The jury noted that the Electrolux annual report had a very high design-layout-read appeal. The jury also applauded the report’s financial clarity, branding, share information and business at a glance.

Report Watch’s survey of annual reports’ best practice is often regarded as the most comprehensive, international and authoritative survey on annual reports.

The Electrolux annual report consists of two separate sections.  The first part is a comprehensive overview of the Group strategy and business model. The second part provides the full-year financial statements and other financial information. The Electrolux Sustainability Report is included in the second part.

For more information, contact the Electrolux Press Hotline on +46 8 657 6507 or press@electrolux.com.