Electrolux and partners reveal solutions of 2022 open innovation program

After a 12-month process, Electrolux has wrapped-up its latest open innovation Booster Program, after working with partners to develop four cutting-edge business solutions to real business challenges.

The partners for this year’s program, who were selected via pitch process in May 2021 by the Electrolux Open Innovation team, presented their final solutions at a digital Demo Day last Friday, September 23. Two were developed to minimum viable product (MVP) stage, and two are now ready-to-use technologies.

“This is the power of collaboration for innovation,” says David Cronström, head of Strategy and Transformation. “We benefit from the knowledge and speed of small companies, whereas we provide them with an enormous platform to scale innovations.”

The partners and projects:

  • With LED Tailor, we developed ways to introduce sanitization using blue LED light into our products, to preserve hygiene in a non-chemical way
  • With Cerebrumedge, we developed a digital ergonomic evaluation system for factory workers using an AI-based mobile app
  • With Enervibe we’ll be able to harvest energy from the vibrations of our washer-dryer drums
  • With Drishti we can automate quality analysis in manufacturing using and improve our operations using advanced AI

“The next step is to evaluate the project outcomes together with our sponsor teams,” Cronström says. “We are excited to see the potential evolution of these solutions.”

About the Booster Program 

The open innovation ‘Booster Program’ was launched in 2018 to find cutting-edge solutions from external players such as start-ups, SMEs and university spin-offs.  While the program offers Electrolux the opportunity to connect with some of the best thinkers in the market, it also gives the partners an opportunity to work alongside a global company and gain access to Electrolux deep engineering expertise, R&D resources and manufacturing network.

For more information, visit Open Innovation at Electrolux: Enterprise Home