Electrolux A Modo Mio Favola – a perfect match between Italian and Scandinavian heritage

Electrolux and Lavazza launch stylish espresso machine Favola, based on Lavazza’s unique espresso capsule system A Modo Mio. A Modo Mio and Electrolux stand for the perfect match between Italian taste and classical Scandinavian design.

The machine is elegant, the espresso it gives you is a taste sensation. Favola is created with a person in mind who appreciates the Italian lifestyle and longs for that scent and taste of espresso in their favorite Italian city – and does not want to settle for less at home. With Favola you don’t have to settle for less anymore, you will get perfect result according to the Lavazza rules of true espresso preparation.

A Modo Mio Favola – The easiest way to Italy

Every morning deserves an excellent authentic Italian coffee. Actually so does every lunchbreak, evening, weekend. But getting that authentic Italian coffee experience at home has been difficult. Thanks to A Modo Mio Favola, that is no longer an obstacle.

The taste of real Italian espresso with perfect crema is available in your home at the touch of a button. A Modo Mio Favola combines premium Lavazza coffee with capsule technology designed and can be used to create everyone’s favourite coffee, from a clean espresso to a cappuccino or a latte. Whatever you desire, Favola makes it easy to have authentic Italian coffee.

The machine is extremely convenient and fast. Preparation and dosage is easy with the pod system which eliminates the use of ground coffee, filters etc. This also makes the machine easy to clean. With Electrolux Favola and A Modo Mio you can have an Italian time – wherever you are.

“Coffee taste is naturally the most important purchasing criteria for a product like this. That is why we teamed up with Lavazza asking them to invest all their experience and knowledge into the development of this product. Our goal with this product is to set a new standard for the quality of espresso that our consumes make and enjoy at home,” says Philippe Weber, Vice President of Electrolux Small Domestic Appliances.

115 years of coffee expertise in every capsule

Lavazza has 115 years of experience in making coffee. The company is the worldwide leader in the espresso category with 14 billion cups of Lavazza coffee consumed every year.

Lavazza has 21 years of experience in capsule systems. For A Modo Mio Favola they have selected top quality blends of carefully selected beans that are roasted in Italy. The coffee is pressed just like it should be and each capsule contains 7,5 g of coffee which is the optimal amount. When the coffee meets the perfect temperature for extraction, between 80 and 95 °C, supreme espresso magic is the result.

There is a wide range of capsules for every taste. A Modo Mio comes in eight carefully selected coffee blends, from the relatively mild Dolcemente to the intensive and robust Divinamente. A Modo Mio capsules are available in select stores and from the Lavazza A Modo Mio homepage.

Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design philosophy and Italian coffee tradition is a match made in heaven according to Electrolux Head of Design, Henrik Otto.

“Scandinavian design is all about finding the perfect balance between form and function, pleasure and practicality; too much of either creates an unbalance,” says Henrik Otto and adds: “The same goes when it comes to creating the perfect espresso, it should take 25-30 seconds to make and one has to use the exact amount of ground coffee that need to be stamped. Anything else and you won’t end up with an authentic cup espresso. This quest for perfection is something we’ve tried to embody in the design of the A Modo Mio Favola.”

A Modo Mio Favola is compact in size and comes in a variety of colors. All models are equipped with a steam/hot water spout to be able to prepare a cappuccino or latte macchiato.

Awards for Favola and A Modo Mio Coffee System

Leading consumer champions, Which?, have voted the A Modo Mio system a ‘Best Buy’ following extensive tests. Best Buys are only awarded to those products that have performed to the highest standards in Which?’s rigorous testing and analysis.

The Plus model of Favola has also received Plus X Awards for High Quality, Design, Ease of Use and as Best Product of The Year 2011.