Electrolux 2014 Sustainability Report highlights new focus on strategic themes

Electrolux has published the online edition of the Annual Report and the Sustainability Report for 2014. Announcing a new approach to reinforce Electrolux sustainability leadership, the report highlights 10 key themes where Electrolux can make the biggest difference and will aim for consistently high performance.

“Sustainability leadership is like a decathlon: you can’t just focus on one area. There are many things you have to address, take care of and do well in,” Keith McLoughlin, President and CEO, said. “The biggest and most important for us is product efficiency – cutting down the energy and water our products use during their lifetime.”

Last year Electrolux announced a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 by 50%, throughout the value chain. By the end of 2014, Electrolux had reached a 22% reduction relative to the 2005 base year. Products and initiatives highlighted in the report include the world’s first heat pump washer-dryer, the first AAAA-labeled vacuum cleaner, advancements in the use of recycled plastic, and outstanding energy performance at the Electrolux Professional factory in Vallenoncello, Italy.

Based on input from internal and external stakeholders, and taking into account key megatrends and drivers likely to affect the business over the next 3-5 years, Electrolux has now identified the following high-level strategic priorities to achieve its goals:

Business differentiators – where Electrolux can drive competitive advantage

  • Product efficiency
  • Material efficiency
  • Eliminating hazardous substances
  • Operational efficiency

Business enablers – where high performance is a condition of doing business

  • Social investment
  • Ethical business
  • Responsible sourcing
  • Health and safety
  • Middle of the pyramid (water and energy-efficient products for emerging markets)
  • Human and labor rights

During 2015, key performance indicators and qualitative and quantitative targets will be set, linked to the 10 themes.

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