Do crystals and vacuum cleaners go together?

Yes! A special edition of the Electrolux Ergorapido features Swarovski crystals

Polish fashion designer Łukasz Jemioł recently showed off his version of the Electrolux Ergorapido in his latest design collection: a special black edition Ergorapido encrusted with 3,730 Swarovski crystals.

The Electrolux Ergorapido is a lightweight stick vacuum beautiful enough to be displayed in the home. It’s a powerful hand vacuum that rests on a cradle so it’s always charged and ready to pick up dust and dirt.

Electrolux Poland commissioned  up-and-coming designer Łukasz Jemioł to prove a point about the Ergorapido vacuum cleaner.

Could Jemiol, whose works appear in Elle and other magazines that define Polish fashion, integrate the Ergorapido into Haute Couture?

He both could and he did! He created a special crystal version of Ergorapido that was unveiled in his fashion show held in November, which attracted a crowd of influential critics.

Gronowalski Crystal Fashion was responsible for the handiwork execution that transformed Jemiol’s sketches into physical reality.

“Beautiful design needs no justification,” says Jemioł. “I knew the models and the audience would respond to the elegance of the Ergorapido,” noting that the there were many colors to match his creations on the catwalk set up in the 19th Century Forteca building in Warsaw.

Beside using black and white models of the Ergorapido for his collection show, the designer also featured models in magenta, orange and gold.

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