Designers in Stockholm take to the streets for the environment

There were no trains, buses or automobiles used by design colleagues one day recently in Stockholm from Floor Care and other sectors who instead biked, roller-bladed, ran, and walked to work in an effort to reduce their carbon footprints for one day. What started out as an ordinary morning turned into an environmental challenge for 25 creative minds at the Electrolux Industrial Design Center.

Some had a long way to travel, but their efforts were worth the message it sent through the corridors.

Sporting running shoes, a jacket and shorts, green challenge initiator and Floor Care global design director Thomas Johansson says it’s time to take action.

“According to EU reports, transportation is one of the biggest culprits in the human production of carbon dioxide and the source of about one-fifth of global-warming emissions worldwide,” he says. “So during a recent discussion between the design team, we felt we needed to do something about it.”

Participants commuted from the city as well as surrounding suburbs without taking any motorized transportation.

One participant, Geert Schietse, Operational & Development Manager Global Design, biked 21 kilometres, which took more than one hour to get to the office—a commute that usually only take 20 minutes by car.

“Biking to work is definitely not as convenient as driving my own car, but with cars a significant source of pollution, cycling is a good alternative,” says Geert.

With the average CO2 emissions rate at 162 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer driven according to an EU report, the team cut approximately 50kg of their green house gas emissions in one day.

“Our goal was not only to curb greenhouse gas emissions, but to act as ethical global citizens and encourage others to also take small steps. Wouldn’t it be great if all Electrolux employees participated in a car-free day?” Johansson asks.

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