Cube by Electrolux Lands in Milan

The Cube by Electrolux will open in Milan from 19th December 2011 to 26th April 2012. The unique dining concept is a celebration of Electrolux Professional Heritage, bringing together some of the most pioneering chefs in Italy. The chefs, supported daily by Electrolux within their own restaurants, will offer guests a showcase of gastronomic excellence set against the backdrop of the Piazza del Duomo.

Within the Cube, Electrolux will install a rotating team of award-winning resident chefs beginning with Michelin-Starred brothers Christian & Manuel Costardi. The Chefs will encourage guests to explore their own creative boundaries when entertaining at home by sharing their personal hints and tips from the kitchen. This process is one that Electrolux use when creating appliances for the best kitchens in the world, providing chefs the opportunity to fully express themselves through food entertainment.

Electrolux ensure guests will enjoy a gastronomic experience that surprises and inspires with fantastic tastes and ideas presented in a unique setting. An intimate seating plan is retained for lunch and evening meals, with one table accommodating 18 guests per sitting.

An extra-ordinary dining experience – and access to top chef shortcuts

“The Cube by Electrolux offers guests a wonderful, exclusive food experience.” says Olivia Kaye, Experiential Manager Electrolux. “Whilst guests enjoy the evening, we also give them the opportunity to interact and learn from some of the best chefs working today, who are supported by Electrolux with our professional appliances. By sharing the professional shortcuts Electrolux have picked up through our presence in 50% of the world’s Michelin Starred restaurants, we want to show people it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to create great experiences at home.”

Unique architecture provides stunning views

The transparent and semi-transparent structure will offer tremendous views of the Piazza del Duomo in Milan, the main city square dominated by the magnificent cathedral. When guests first arrive the 140sqm space will be open for entertaining and some great sight seeing, especially from the external platform. When dinner is served the concealed dining table will drop from the ceiling to seat guests before being raised again for after dinner drinks and mingling.

Book Your Electrolux Cube Experience in Milan

  • The Cube by Electrolux in Milan is open daily. Weekdays Lunch: 13:00-15:30 Dinner: 21:00 to 24:00
  • Reservations required at all times. Set lunch: €200. Dinner: €275 (including drinks).
  • Seats released every Monday at 9am CET to allow for reservations three weeks in advance.
  • Address: Via Ugo Foscolo 1, 20120, Milan.

European Tour

The Cube by Electrolux will also appear in 2012 in London and Stockholm. The venues are currently being finalized with more details available in early 2012.