Creating a home environment that makes you feel good

Designer Sara Hallin Sandström specializes in colors and materials and shares interior ideas to promote wellbeing while sheltering at home.

1. Create an inspiring workspace at home

The first thing is to get the basics right and have a place that is ergonomic, comfortable and clean. If possible, it is good to be seated next to a window as natural light makes you more energized. Try to organize the desk to avoid mess – even small things like organizing all the cables can make a big difference. If you don’t have a desk but use your dining table, you can place your pens and other work items on a tray so it’s easy to move at the end of the day. Don’t forget to make the space inspiring to you – surround yourself with art or flowers or whatever makes you feel good and more motivated when working from home.

2. Make space for plants in your home

This will give you a more enjoyable and comfortable indoor climate.

Instead of spreading out your plants here and there, make a dedicated green area with lots of plants. It is always a good idea to create small groups of objects, rather than just lining them up in a row. You can mix plants with your favorite items.

3. Dare to be personal 

Let your interests and your personality show in your home. My husband Niklas and I are very interested in music, art and food and display our books, art pieces and vinyl records so they are close to hand but also part of the decoration. We created a gallery wall with picture ledges from IKEA that we painted in the same color as the wall for a more integrated look.

4. Make the everyday more enjoyable

Serve your food in a delightful way. Don’t save your nice plates and drinking glasses for special occasions – they always just end up collecting dust hidden away in a cupboard somewhere. Even your Tuesday leftovers will look nicer (and taste better!) when served in a delightful way. For example, when I prepare salad, I think of it in the same way as a bouquet of flowers, and combine colors and textures in a way that is as interesting for the eye as for the taste buds.

5. And don’t forget to take a break

It’s easy to get stuck at the computer when working from home. Take small breaks every now and then for a cuddle with your pet or loved ones, or for a walk outdoors.