Corporate Governance Report 2008


  • Three new members included in Group Management: Enderson Guimarães, Ruy Hirschheimer and Jonas Samuelson.
  • Hasse Johansson elected new member of the Board of Directors.
  • The Annual General Meeting resolved that A-shareholders should be able to request the conversion of their A-shares to B-shares.
  • In December, the Board decided to reduce the number of employees by more than 3,000 due to sharp decline in market demand.

The Electrolux Group comprises more than 160 companies with operations in over 50 countries. The parent company of the Group is AB Electrolux, a listed Swedish limited company. The company has its primary listing in Stockholm at the exchange NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

The governance of Electrolux is based on the Swedish Companies Act, the regulatory system of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the “Code”), as well as other relevant Swedish and foreign laws and regulations.

This corporate governance report has been drawn up as a part of Electrolux application of the Code. The report has not been audited by the Group’s external auditors. Electrolux does not report any deviations from the Code in 2008.