COP15 Barometer – December 14, 2009

“Security chaos” was one of the hottest topics on Monday in front of the Bella Center, where hundreds of people had to wait patiently outside in the December cold on the first day of the event to enter.

Despite accreditation confusion and reports of up to six hours waiting to get in, the mood in the queue was generally friendly.

The departure of the African countries from the climate negotiations sparked debates about whether a new, serious climate agreement will really become a reality when world leaders leave Copenhagen on December 18.

Belief in an agreement which will fittingly replace the Kyoto Protocol was hard to spot in front of the Bella Center on Monday. The weekend’s demonstrations on the streets of Copenhagen and the police’s handling of the situation was also a subject of concern for the delegates.

Measurements on the COP15 barometer, December 14, 2009:

Belief that the Copenhagen conference is moving closer to an agreement:

The most important issues of the day raised by our interviewees (in order of importance):

  • African countries leave the climate negotiations
  • Long queues in front of the Bella Center
  • The weekend’s climate demonstrations in Copenhagen
  • The Kyoto Protocol
  • Hopenhagen

About the COP15 Barometer

From December 14 to18, 2009, Danish online newspaper, in cooperation with Electrolux, will check the temperature and mood each day at the climate negotiations taking place at Copenhagen’s Bella Center. Between 70 and 100 delegates and journalists will be asked each day what they think about the negotiations’ progress and what they see as today’s “hot” topic. Click here to see the COP15 Barometer online.

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