Consumers are hungry for ‘one-stop-shop’ cooking solutions

Chair: Wired magazine reviewer Joe Ray. Panelists: Drop CEO and Co-Founder Ben Harris, Recipe Guru CEO Niamh Sterling, Side Chef CEO & Co-Founder Kevin Yu, Electrolux CEO, Business Area Europe Anna Ohlsson-Leijon

We’re running a series of stories all week to highlight what we learnt from our recent ‘Future Kitchen’ event. We invited food, kitchen and tech industry leaders to our headquarters to look deeper into the digital technologies, business models and societal shifts changing how the consumer eats, buys, stores and prepares food.

Highlight one

Relevancy, personalization, and getting as much ‘ROI’ for time in the kitchen are the key things consumers are looking for to improve their future cooking experience, according to the panel of speakers debating the Future of Cooking.

The need to work together to give consumers a ‘one-stop-shop’ to solve all their cooking needs was also a strong theme in the debate.

Side Chef CEO & Co-Founder Kevin Yu, whose company partners with Electrolux to provide a smart recipe platform in Asia Pacific, said: “It takes a whole ecosystem to solve the user need to have a one-stop-shop. We realized it’s important to work with the biggest partners such as Electrolux to bring the cooking experience together.”

Electrolux CEO, Business Area Europe Anna Ohlsson-Leijon agreed the need to utilize tech: “Humans are creatures of habit. We’re used to cooking in a certain way. It’s about finding those value-based propositions and then we will see this changing slowly but surely. We’re moving forward to interact with partners that add pieces of value to our puzzle to create outstanding consumer experiences.”