Colorful cleaning: Introducing the revamped Electrolux Twinclean vac

Three years after its original launch, Electrolux introduces an upgraded Twinclean featuring trendy new colors, a powerful 2000W motor and enhanced ergonomics.

“With almost 50% of consumers storing their vacuum cleaner in plain sight, today’s vacs must combine functionality and design,” explains Finn Lofnes, Product Marketing Manager Electrolux Floor Care & Small Appliances.

As a result, Electrolux introduces an upgraded version of its bagless vacuum cleaner Twinclean that helps cleans its own filter. It looks slimmer compared to its predecessor because of a different design at the handle on the top.

Five new colors
Electrolux selected five new colors for Twinclean, reflecting both consumer feedback and the latest home and fashion color trends. They include Sunset Orange, Magenta, Gooseberry, Hallon berry and Cyan.

These colors also reflect the Electrolux brand’s characteristics, which are progressive, insightful, thoughtful, inspiring, warm and contemporary, according to Thomas Johansson, Global Design Director Floor Care and Small Appliances.

Top-performing cleaner
For bagless cleaners, top performance is only possible with a clean filter, explains Lofnes. Twinclean features two main HEPA filters, of which one is clean and ready to use while the other is being used.

Twinclean is also equipped with the unique Express Filter Cleaning system (EFC) that helps clean the dirty filter in 10 seconds, using the vacuum cleaners own reversed air stream. Afterwards, this filter remains on standby until the second filter needs cleaning.

Attracting dirt
Another feature that further increases Twinclean’s performance is its Dust Magnet nozzle with all-round suction, which allows people to clean up dirt with just one sweep of the vacuum.

The Dust Magnet is designed for use on all surfaces both with and without the brush activated. The top range model of the Twinclean is equipped with a remote control nozzle with motorized brush to better pick up deeper embedded dirt.

The dust container of Twinclean has improved ergonomics. By pushing a button at the bottom of a dust container, a spring system smoothly opens the lid.

“The Twinclean is one of the easiest bagless cleaners to empty. It is one of the few cleaners in the market which has separated filters and does not fall apart in two pieces when emptying,” says Lofnes.

The new Twinclean is currently being launched throughout Europe.

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