To create change, you need to start with yourself. That’s why we place the highest of demands on ourselves when it comes to running our business in an environmentally-friendly and ethical way. In doing so we become part of the solution towards a more sustainable future.

Achieve more with less

We are reducing our own footprint by running efficient operations all around the world.

Achieve more with less

Electrolux has a system in place to stay ahead of the most forward-thinking legislation on recycling. We have instated compliance schemes for handling the take-back and recycling of discarded appliances in all countries applying the WEEE Directive where Electrolux is fully represented.

Ensure best health and safety

Our safety mindset means we’re preventing accidents and keeping our people safe and sound, no matter where they are in the world.

Act ethically and respect human rights

We continue to build an ethical, trusted company, where everyone impacted by our operations can feel confident that their rights are respected.