Carbon Trust report names Electrolux Group cooling industry leader on climate action

Electrolux Group is leading the cooling industry in reducing the climate footprint of its products, according to a new report by the Carbon Trust and UN Cool Coalition.

The report “Cooling suppliers: A stocktake on the path to Net Zero” provides a snapshot of how the cooling industry is transforming itself to address climate change.

“Electrolux Group stands out as a company that passionately champions sustainability leadership in its business operations. Electrolux Group achieved its place in our ‘Transformers Group’ because of ambitious SBTi verified climate targets that it achieved three years ahead of time, active support for industry collaborations that encourage climate action by the industry and government, and by use of green financing to retool its factories to build more sustainable products,” explains Paul Huggins, Associate Director, Head of Industrial Decarbonization at the Carbon Trust.

Electrolux Group is one of only four global manufacturers of products containing refrigerants that have made clear commitments to phase out gases with high global warming potential (GWP) and have a plan to replace them with low to ultra-low GWP gases.

Since 2019, Electrolux Group has been committed to phasing out high-GWP gases within the Cool Coalition initiative. By the end of 2023, the company had replaced high-GWP gases from 97% of its products containing refrigerants and insulation foams.

“We are using green financing to help us transform into a sustainable business — with a current portfolio of SEK 6.8 billion in green assets that meet our criteria to reduce climate impact according to Electrolux Group Green Financing Framework,” says Elena Breda, Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer at Electrolux Group. “This green financing is being used to not only replace hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) with low-GWP gases, but to also improve the energy efficiency of our manufacturing operations by at least 20% and the overall efficiency of our products by at least 15%.”

What is the Carbon Trust? 

The Carbon Trust is a United Kingdom-based organization with the mission to accelerate the move to a decarbonized future. As a climate pioneer for more than 20 years, the trust partners with leading businesses, governments and financial institutions to accelerate their route to net zero.

What is the Cool Coalition? 

The Cool Coalition is a global multi-stakeholder network led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) that connects a wide range of key actors. Together with its partners, the Cool Coalition works to accelerate the global transition to efficient and climate-friendly cooling.