Bocuse d’Or winner Terje Ness opens top restaurant in Norway

Electrolux Professional teamed up with chef Terje Ness, Bocuse d’Or winner, to create the restaurant Onda in Oslo, Norway.

The name Onda means wave and is inspired by the unique architectural features of the modern restaurant building as well as the spectacular view of the Oslofjord. This vibrant space is located in the historic and revitalized marine port of Aker Brygge.

The menus for Onda mezzanine, Onda sea and Onda asia maintain the highest standard of quality ingredients. The restaurant promises to provide clients “with a complete culinary experience that excites all the senses.”

Thermaline S90, Touchline ovens, Molteni refrigerated table and salamander and Electrolux dishwashing and refrigeration solutions are on duty.

“The producer and his advisors have found optimal solutions for our kitchen,” says Terje Ness.

“I am also very fond of all the exciting food preparation equipment that Electrolux can provide.  Vegetable slicers, food processors, mini combi ovens and small induction units give the food an extra finish,” says Terje Ness.

“In my opinion, Electrolux equipment is both fantastic and functional. It is crucial that Electrolux induction tops have 7kW while the competitors only can provide a capacity of 2-3 kW. This is a crucial difference  when you have to serve 500 guests every day. The induction technique has several advantages: the pots and pans remain clean and the chefs do not burn themselves when the tempo is hectic in the kitchen,” continues Terje Ness.